Helpful Organizations

Groups and websites you can trust to help with caregiver needs:

Understanding Medicare, Medicaid and Long-Term Care Coverage

Learn about all the available benefits, coverage, costs, and most importantly strategies to get access to financial support.

Visit the website to “Ask the Expert”

Find Help Organization. Free referrals to resources caregivers need.

Search by location and connect to support. Financial assistance, food pantries, medical care, and other free or reduced-cost help:

AARP Fraud Watch Network

Fully updated national fraud resource and information website. Includes a scam-tracking map and educational podcasts.

Helpline at (877)-908-3360 if you suspect fraud.

National Adult Protective Services

Investigates abuse, neglect and exploitation in older adults

(202) 370-6292

Retire Guide for Caregivers

RetireGuide is a free web resource dedicated with an easy-to-understand guides. “What is Medicare?” for caregivers highlights coverage, costs, eligibility and enrollment, plus frequently asked questions. It helps Caregivers navigate the potentially complicated enrollment process and provide the best care possible.


A Caregiver’s Guide for Family and Loved Ones

Nursing experts answer common questions people ask about becoming caregivers for their loved ones. Includes expert resources that offer specialist support.


Senior Scam Alert

U.S. Dept of Justice Report Incidents

(855) 484-2846

Gracefully Greying: Info & Resources for 50+

Help with legal, financial, health, life stages, career and other issues.

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Family Caregiver Alliance

National nonprofit to serve the needs of those caring for a friend or relative with serious cognitive impairment.

(800) 445-8106

Nursing Home Abuse Justice

As many as 1 in 3 senior residents have been victims of nursing home abuse. We educate seniors and caregivers to stop the cycle of older adult abuse..


Info & advice by American Geriatrics Society’s Health in Aging Foundation

(800) 563-4916

Eldercare Locator

National Directory of Services

(800) 677-1116

Protecting Older Adults from Fraud (AT&T Guide)

How older adults are targeted by various forms of fraud and a guide for avoiding online scams.

Dial 611 and ask for AT&T Fraud Department

National Alliance for Caregiving

Research and programs to increase awareness of family caregiving issues

(301) 718-844

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Oversees fair practices at banks, lenders, and other financial companies

(855) 411-2372

Caregiver Action Network

The nation’s leading family caregiver association providing education, peer support and resources.

(202) 454-3970

Additional Resources

Other websites and online tools that focus on adult caregiving

For families and professionals