Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological Evaluations

What is a neuropsychological evaluation?

Medical conditions, disease, injury, exposure to toxins, pain and trauma can all cause changes in the way your brain functions. This may lead to challenges with day to day activities such as cooking, paying bills, managing your medications, driving, maintaining a stable job, completing academic tasks, and remembering new information. Sometimes it is difficult to know if the challenges you are experiencing are the result of medications, pain, emotional upset, a medical condition, or something else. A neuropsychological evaluation can help to determine where the problem is coming from and offer recommendations about how you and your doctor might improve your health and day to day functioning.

A neuropsychological evaluation will specifically and clearly address you and your doctor’s questions about changes in thinking, acting, and feeling. The evaluation aims to give you the information you need to make important decisions that maximize your wellbeing.

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